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Health and fitness have always been an important part of my family. My grandfather maintained a strong physique his whole life, and my great-grandmother lived until the age of 90. I guess it won’t come as a surprise that my siblings and I do our best to exercise daily, and more importantly, eat healthily.

It was after one of our jogs through the winding roads of the Lebanese mountains of Ain Ksour that my brother and I craved a healthy post-workout snack. We love peanut butter at home, so naturally, it was our go-to option. After eating the whole jar, my curiosity as a food technologist lead me to the nutritional information on the jar, I wanted to better understand the components of the nut butter we had just consumed. What I read on the label shocked me, it was loaded with unnecessary additives that in the long run would be harmful to our health. That’s the moment we decided to make our own.

We visited a local roastery and purchased raw peanuts. We roasted and grinded them at home and started adding different natural ingredients until we had the perfect recipe! Our creation was homemade, healthy, and most importantly, we knew exactly what went into making it. As we do in Lebanon, we sent our friends and family small tupperwares of our peanut butter to taste! The feedback was incredible, every single person wanted more.

I quickly discovered that Nutshell had to be shared and decided to do so with the world. The Nutshell journey started in local farmer markets. The love for our peanut butter grew and so did we, expanding our product line to different nut butters, launching our Instagram account, Facebook page, and more recently our website. Today Nutshell is available in farmer markets, health stores, supermarkets, and diet centers.

Nutshell conducts its scientific research and food analysis in Ireland, as I live between Dublin and Beirut. Ireland is famous for being the leader in the food industry, with advancements in food technology, innovation, research, and sustainability. At Nutshell, we provide our clients with the best products by putting into practice what we have learned from Ireland in Lebanon. We care about the environment as much as we do about our nut butters and we are continuously striving for sustainability and carbon foot print reduction. Because of this, our packaging is made of glass, 100% recycled paper and recyclable lid.  

At Nutshell, we continue to focus on creating food products that are healthy, delicious, fun, and widely accessible to our clients. There is nothing more enjoyable to us than connecting with and hearing our customer's feedback on our products. It always puts a huge smile on our face! Our journey has just begun and we’re extremely excited for what lies ahead!

                                                              Lama Mosleh
                                                                    MSc Food technology  
                                                                   B.S. Food Science & Mngt
Farmer's Market Marathon and Fitness